Another Sunday Night – Another Night of Fun

Another Sunday Night at Hugo’s on Lawndale. A friend of mine had a hankering for Wings; which Hugo’s offers at a great price – 8 for $3.95.

So I arrive at the end of the NCAA basketall games – knowing that the place would be packed during the games. So the place was thinning out and low-and-behold, afriend of mine was there. He’s not a regular, so it was a nice experience – at first. He had just been dumped by his girlfriend and his ex-wife was asking for more support.

For a while, he was OK; but, then the alcohol started kicking in and he started getting loud. Then my other friend showed up ( an hour late – as usual). Both friends knew each other, so they got talking and drinking. Within an hour, my buddy with the ex-wife started hitting on the bartender, who did flirt with him – but she flirts with everybody. Unfortunately, he did not know that and was enough out of it, didn’t see her flirting with the other customers.

He got upset when someone sat down beside him at the bar – he was really starting to get out of control. I got him to sit over with me as I tried to keep him from getting his butt whipped.

Fortunately, the bar was closing and he had calmed down. He left. It was late and I hope that I don’t see him there again. I enjoy drinking there; but not babysitting friends.


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