Another Lottery Loss

One of the more interesting things about math is understanding the ODDS.  For example, last night the Powerball payout was over $100 Million. The odds in winning are about ONE in 147 Million, yet that does not stop us from playing.

I planned on what to do with my winnings, so did a few thousand others – I guess.  Unfortunately, someone in Wisconsin won.  Our plans go back on the back shelf.

I have a better chance of convincing people to fulfill my goals that I would have to achieve them with a lottery win.  So here’s what I would do.

Building a small coliseum facility in Downtown Greensboro.  Sure we have the Greensboro Coliseum; but it’s old, out-dated and lacks the infrastructure necessary to be a successful facility.  The city instead of improving the facility, expanded it to where it is 10,000 seats too large for the events that are profitable in a city the size of Greensboro.

At 23,000 seats, the Greensboro Coliseum hosts 2 or 3 events a year that fill the facility.  The problem is that the coliseum can only park 5,000 vehicles.  It has 4 venues (coliseum, auditorium, special events center and pavillion) that all feed on those 5,000 spaces.  Too many times, the coliseum has booked 3 events at the same time, resulting in traffic jams, parking issues and very unsatisfied customers.

Greensboro once had an ECHL hockey team and the owners were making over $1 Million a year, then the coliseum expanded from 13,000 seats to 23,000 seats.  The cost of running the larger facility was passed to the hockey team and eventually, the hockey team failed as not only did rent increase; but so did parking and concessions.  Once a family friendly facility became a Once a Year event facility.

So, if I had one the lottery, I would have built a new private coliseum.  It would make money.  I would be happy.


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