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Rearranging The Deck Chairs on the Titanic

October 30, 2006

In my day job, I am often berated by the corporate master because I point out how things can be approved.  I saw a way to save the company $250,000 – rejected.  I use the internet to find out information critical to my operation and I get a MAJOR verbal lashing and threat of firing.

The owner of the company is a good man; but he is no longer running the company.  I miss those days.

There is a major change coming in less than 3 years and we are not ready.


Things That Never Bothered Me Before

October 5, 2006

A few years after breaking both my legs, I realized that I needed to exercise a lot more because I was getting stiff.  So about a year and half ago I started swimming.  I try to go three nights a week.  I swam as a kid; but after college, I lost interest.  Now I need the exercise and swimming is easiest on my legs.

Anyway, after nearly 20 years of no  regular swimming,  I started back.  Last week, I got my first case of swimmer’s ear in over 40 years.  I let it get worse and finally after two sleepless nights, I went to Doc-In-A-Box.

I’m not much about conveying pain, so the PA who saw me was more concerned about my weight and blood pressure.  My BP is high; but the ear pain was pushing it higher.  They ran a bunch of tests; most of which told me what I already knew – I need to drp some weight.  I got a prescription for the ear.  A week later, the ear still hurts – but at least I am sleeping.