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Time To Cut My Losses

December 9, 2006

When I started my current job 7 and a half years ago, I was told that the company would be moving from the warehouse area it was in to a much better facility. Since that time, the owner of the company has stepped away from day-to-day management. The new leader is a numbers person – where the owner considered PEOPLE as part of his success, the new leader has replaced people with PROFIT.

At my operating unit, we’ve had almost 100% turn-over in 2 years, close to 400% turn over since the new leader took over. Other units have seen above average turn-over as well.

This week, I realized that our operating unit has been pretty much written off. Promises made and broken. Most of the problem has to do with money, our company has made some very bad choices in equipment. We have purchased equipment that was not suitable or even compatible with our operations. These choices have cost the company millions of dollars in equipment and hundreds of man hours in vain attempts to make the wrong equipment work for us.

There comes a point where you realize that it’s time to leave. Others made the decision weeks ago. I made the decision Thursday. Now I just need to realize, it’s time to move on.