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Changing Jobs

December 23, 2007

Back in April, I discovered that the company I had planned to grow old with decided they no longer needed me.  I was expecting this as the owner of the company had handed over the reins of the company to a new generation that do not honor or respect the work that had proceeded them.

In less than a year, the company is FOR SALE.  The damage the new generation did to the company’s reputation and bottom line, combined with changes coming in broadcast television were too much to overcome.

I had attempted to save the company money $100,000 in one project alone; but I was refuted and ostracized.  I found other ways to save.  I even won $100,000 in equipment for the company at the 2004 NAB Convention.

But the new generation had their way of doing things.  Things that got people upset and mad.  The results being posted on the Internet, which made the company look bad to future employees.

I hate that the MAN who owned the company has fallen so low that he must now sell out instead of handing the company down as he had planned.  He should have seen it coming with all the people leaving or being replaced after he installed the new generation of leadership.  The most valuable asset of any company is its people – you lose them and your business is lost.