Fun in Vegas

I had fun… For a while, it was fun basking in the realization that the company that had dumped me was in such disparate financial situation that vendors were asking me why they were not getting paid.  It seems that they haven’t paid a LOT of bills.  Despite rumors to the contrary, they were making payroll.

The problem is that Pappas Telecasting was a small company with a large foot-print of stations.  Around 2000, Mr. Pappas assigned the day-to-day operations to a Used-Car Dealer and Master Control Operator in Omaha.  Under their direction, the company has taken a dive into near bankruptcy.   Long-term employees were forced out so that the Used Car Dealer’s wife could get “Finder’s Fees” for placing employees.  Equipment purchases went from being tried and true (as well as not expensive) to cutting-edge and high priced.  The Omaha Duo destroyed what was once a beacon of family ownership.

After about 3 days of getting questions about the health of a company, I was once a proud long-time (nearly 8 years) employee – I was getting mad.  Then I realized, it wasn’t my problem.  I tried to tell them, they didn’t listen.  So I was in Las Vegas with a $2.5 Million Budget and they were home avoiding creditor calls.


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