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A Bounce In My Step

November 6, 2008

Everyday I get up at 6AM, not exactly a morning person, I still get up.

At 8 AM, I am walking the halls at High Point University’s Norcross Hall, my temporary location until the new building is completed.  I LOVE being here.  The money is less than I was making 20 years ago and I STILL LOVE being here.

There is something about have a great job, working with great people, working in a great environment that beats making money.


Pappas filed for Bankruptcy Protection

May 15, 2008

Looks as if Omaha-Mis-Management was successful in destroying the company.  They filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection for 13 of their 30 stations.  The company is actually many smaller operating groups that Mr. Pappas owns with various partners.

Sad thing was the “Dear Team” letters that was sent out to employees.  It appears as if one General Manager wrote a letter to help morale among his staff.  It was distributed to other General Managers.  In Greensboro, the GM made a few changes (in a different font) and forwarded the email as if she sent it.  She forgot to remove the original headers from the original letter.  I received copies of this letter from 2 different EX-employees – I must be on a NO-CONTACT list with current employees.

Local Television is a dying medium – Pappas owns pretty much nothing but local television stations.  As a result, he does not have alternative revenue streams (cable, production companies, etc.) that his competitors have.  Looks as if bankruptcy protection will only hold off the inevitable.

Fun in Vegas

May 8, 2008

I had fun… For a while, it was fun basking in the realization that the company that had dumped me was in such disparate financial situation that vendors were asking me why they were not getting paid.  It seems that they haven’t paid a LOT of bills.  Despite rumors to the contrary, they were making payroll.

The problem is that Pappas Telecasting was a small company with a large foot-print of stations.  Around 2000, Mr. Pappas assigned the day-to-day operations to a Used-Car Dealer and Master Control Operator in Omaha.  Under their direction, the company has taken a dive into near bankruptcy.   Long-term employees were forced out so that the Used Car Dealer’s wife could get “Finder’s Fees” for placing employees.  Equipment purchases went from being tried and true (as well as not expensive) to cutting-edge and high priced.  The Omaha Duo destroyed what was once a beacon of family ownership.

After about 3 days of getting questions about the health of a company, I was once a proud long-time (nearly 8 years) employee – I was getting mad.  Then I realized, it wasn’t my problem.  I tried to tell them, they didn’t listen.  So I was in Las Vegas with a $2.5 Million Budget and they were home avoiding creditor calls.

Can’t Decide On How Much Fun To Have

March 1, 2008

It appears as if I will be traveling to the NAB Show this year for make purchases possibly in excess of $2 Million.  Last year, I did not go because the Management at my former company was upset that I kept pointing out that they had spent thousands of dollars on equipment that would not work at our television stations.  I had recommended cheaper systems.  So I was let go.

Now, they can’t go because they are close to bankruptcy and I’m sitting pretty.   I really want to celebrate their misfortune; but a lot of good people have lost their job, while these less-than-skilled bozos are still in charge. (They must not be that stupid as they still are there; although they have even fired their “friends” to save their jobs.)

The Last Days Of A Formerly Good Company

January 22, 2008

In January, I read that my former employer was up for sale.  It appears as if the new management had successfully run the company into the ground.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this.  I’m not quite over getting fired, now more people are getting fired as the company has to cut costs.  Only problem, the wrong people are getting the boot.

Changing Jobs

December 23, 2007

Back in April, I discovered that the company I had planned to grow old with decided they no longer needed me.  I was expecting this as the owner of the company had handed over the reins of the company to a new generation that do not honor or respect the work that had proceeded them.

In less than a year, the company is FOR SALE.  The damage the new generation did to the company’s reputation and bottom line, combined with changes coming in broadcast television were too much to overcome.

I had attempted to save the company money $100,000 in one project alone; but I was refuted and ostracized.  I found other ways to save.  I even won $100,000 in equipment for the company at the 2004 NAB Convention.

But the new generation had their way of doing things.  Things that got people upset and mad.  The results being posted on the Internet, which made the company look bad to future employees.

I hate that the MAN who owned the company has fallen so low that he must now sell out instead of handing the company down as he had planned.  He should have seen it coming with all the people leaving or being replaced after he installed the new generation of leadership.  The most valuable asset of any company is its people – you lose them and your business is lost.

Fun With The Lottery

March 7, 2007

The MegaMillions Lottery was $355 Million Last Night and NO ONE won.

I bought a few tickets, which won me a BIG $8 – Whoopee! I can go back and buy some more as it will soon become the largest jackpot ever.

Time To Cut My Losses

December 9, 2006

When I started my current job 7 and a half years ago, I was told that the company would be moving from the warehouse area it was in to a much better facility. Since that time, the owner of the company has stepped away from day-to-day management. The new leader is a numbers person – where the owner considered PEOPLE as part of his success, the new leader has replaced people with PROFIT.

At my operating unit, we’ve had almost 100% turn-over in 2 years, close to 400% turn over since the new leader took over. Other units have seen above average turn-over as well.

This week, I realized that our operating unit has been pretty much written off. Promises made and broken. Most of the problem has to do with money, our company has made some very bad choices in equipment. We have purchased equipment that was not suitable or even compatible with our operations. These choices have cost the company millions of dollars in equipment and hundreds of man hours in vain attempts to make the wrong equipment work for us.

There comes a point where you realize that it’s time to leave. Others made the decision weeks ago. I made the decision Thursday. Now I just need to realize, it’s time to move on.

Rearranging The Deck Chairs on the Titanic

October 30, 2006

In my day job, I am often berated by the corporate master because I point out how things can be approved.  I saw a way to save the company $250,000 – rejected.  I use the internet to find out information critical to my operation and I get a MAJOR verbal lashing and threat of firing.

The owner of the company is a good man; but he is no longer running the company.  I miss those days.

There is a major change coming in less than 3 years and we are not ready.

Things That Never Bothered Me Before

October 5, 2006

A few years after breaking both my legs, I realized that I needed to exercise a lot more because I was getting stiff.  So about a year and half ago I started swimming.  I try to go three nights a week.  I swam as a kid; but after college, I lost interest.  Now I need the exercise and swimming is easiest on my legs.

Anyway, after nearly 20 years of no  regular swimming,  I started back.  Last week, I got my first case of swimmer’s ear in over 40 years.  I let it get worse and finally after two sleepless nights, I went to Doc-In-A-Box.

I’m not much about conveying pain, so the PA who saw me was more concerned about my weight and blood pressure.  My BP is high; but the ear pain was pushing it higher.  They ran a bunch of tests; most of which told me what I already knew – I need to drp some weight.  I got a prescription for the ear.  A week later, the ear still hurts – but at least I am sleeping.