Post Season from the K-Zone

September 24, 2006

Saturday night, Keith (aka PeeDee) held a party for folks including many of us who manned the Greensboro Grashoppers K-Zone.  They started around Noon with a horseshoe tournament and concluded with a a cookout.

Everyone had fun.


Converge South

August 15, 2006

Greensboro was called Blogsboro by the LA Times a while back because we got a jump start on blogging. We are fortunate that we have such a unique group of people in a relatively small city. Because of the community, we had a 2 day Blogger convention last year called “Converge South“.

This year, Converge South will be a 1 day event and I thought smaller until the announcement that the Scobles will be coming from the West Coast. I suspect there will be more such announcements in the future.

I registered on Day 1 and this time plan on attending ALL sessions, including the Late Night Events, where people last year reported they had a blast!

Another Lottery Loss

August 6, 2006

One of the more interesting things about math is understanding the ODDS.  For example, last night the Powerball payout was over $100 Million. The odds in winning are about ONE in 147 Million, yet that does not stop us from playing.

I planned on what to do with my winnings, so did a few thousand others – I guess.  Unfortunately, someone in Wisconsin won.  Our plans go back on the back shelf.

I have a better chance of convincing people to fulfill my goals that I would have to achieve them with a lottery win.  So here’s what I would do.

Building a small coliseum facility in Downtown Greensboro.  Sure we have the Greensboro Coliseum; but it’s old, out-dated and lacks the infrastructure necessary to be a successful facility.  The city instead of improving the facility, expanded it to where it is 10,000 seats too large for the events that are profitable in a city the size of Greensboro.

At 23,000 seats, the Greensboro Coliseum hosts 2 or 3 events a year that fill the facility.  The problem is that the coliseum can only park 5,000 vehicles.  It has 4 venues (coliseum, auditorium, special events center and pavillion) that all feed on those 5,000 spaces.  Too many times, the coliseum has booked 3 events at the same time, resulting in traffic jams, parking issues and very unsatisfied customers.

Greensboro once had an ECHL hockey team and the owners were making over $1 Million a year, then the coliseum expanded from 13,000 seats to 23,000 seats.  The cost of running the larger facility was passed to the hockey team and eventually, the hockey team failed as not only did rent increase; but so did parking and concessions.  Once a family friendly facility became a Once a Year event facility.

So, if I had one the lottery, I would have built a new private coliseum.  It would make money.  I would be happy.

Fun In Las Vegas

May 13, 2006

Every year, my job has me traveling to a national convention in Las Vegas.  This year because of the International Home Furniture Market in High Point, I was unable to book a flight home at the end of my convention.  So I got to stay another day in Las Vegas.

One of the things I had always wanted to do is visit the Freement Street Experience, in the old downtown Las Vegas.  Prior to the glitzy over-bearing hotels on the strip, downtown Las Vegas was the place to be.   Only problem was getting there from the strip, where I had always stay ay my convention.  It was either hail a cab, or figure out the buses.

This year, Las Vegas introduced THE DEUCE, a double decker bus that runs from the Strip to Downton and back for just $2 a ride.  So it was a breeze making it to Freemont Street.

I went for the overhead light show; but found it to be a lot of fun.  You can walk from casino to casino in seconds – not minutes like on the strip.  It's more of a street party than the hustle of people moving between casinos on the strip.

Needless to say, I'm going back. 

Another Sunday Night – Another Night of Fun

March 21, 2006

Another Sunday Night at Hugo’s on Lawndale. A friend of mine had a hankering for Wings; which Hugo’s offers at a great price – 8 for $3.95.

So I arrive at the end of the NCAA basketall games – knowing that the place would be packed during the games. So the place was thinning out and low-and-behold, afriend of mine was there. He’s not a regular, so it was a nice experience – at first. He had just been dumped by his girlfriend and his ex-wife was asking for more support.

For a while, he was OK; but, then the alcohol started kicking in and he started getting loud. Then my other friend showed up ( an hour late – as usual). Both friends knew each other, so they got talking and drinking. Within an hour, my buddy with the ex-wife started hitting on the bartender, who did flirt with him – but she flirts with everybody. Unfortunately, he did not know that and was enough out of it, didn’t see her flirting with the other customers.

He got upset when someone sat down beside him at the bar – he was really starting to get out of control. I got him to sit over with me as I tried to keep him from getting his butt whipped.

Fortunately, the bar was closing and he had calmed down. He left. It was late and I hope that I don’t see him there again. I enjoy drinking there; but not babysitting friends.

Here We Go

March 16, 2006

I first thought that reaching 50 would be an adventure.  It really isn’t.  But then I have the advantage of looking a lot younger than 49.  It’s kind of strange when people think I’m in my mid 30’s; especially when I am trying to talk to women that are in their 40’s.

Sunday, I was out eating diner at Hugo’s.   After the NCAA Bracket show, the place emptied.  There were two women at the bar – they weren’t regulars.  I didn’t pay much attention until they started talking about the Grasshoppers. One of the women will be singing the National Athem at several games.  Both were kind of cute for 40’ish.  They were waiting to meet some guys.  They guys who showed up – grey and younger than I am.

Anyway that’s my first thoughts.

Hello world!

December 29, 2005

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!